Vertical / Horizontal Photogrammetry

Etruria Volo provides UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle) aerial photogrammetry services. 

Photogrammetry is an innovative technique that allows, through remote photogram acquisition and superimpositions, tridimensional rendering of terrain. 

Number of benefits arise from using UAV for aerial photogrammetry activity:

  • High-Quality images acquisition at low height;
  • Ad hoc surveys according to customer needs;
  • Costs optimization;
  • Urban and dangerous areas, vertical surface surveys and not easily accessible soils; 
  • Very low environmental impact.

The results are tridimensional rendered models, with geo-referenced digital orthophotographs.

 Various output are available:

  • Digital Elevation Model (DEM), ASCII or GIS format, representing terrain topographic elevation data;
  • Contour lines;
  • Geo-referenced digital orthophotographs that reproduce all surface details including infrastructures;
  • Point Cloud; 
  • CAD Models.

Post-processing phase allows getting topographic profiles and sections, volumetric calculations, to determine average slopes and to define the catchment basin of a given area.

Photogrammetric reconstruction with Drone and Pix4Dmapper of Etruscan tomb Tanella Pythagorean in Cortona