Photo and video shooting


UAV can be equipped with 4K high-definition cameras and be used for aerial photo and video shooting during institutional and sportive events, documentaries, festivals, concerts and for tourist advertising (cottages, villas, touristic and territory-promoting agencies).

Aerial photo and video shooting is achieved with a remotely piloted multicopter able to fly at different heights over terrain, to fly a planned route, to hover in the air at a fixed position and to fly variable radius circles while recording and shooting.

UAV uses a professional reflex camera with 4K resolution, which provides a different perspective from the ground providing a wide overview of the area.

Promoting and tourism agencies get the most advantages using this technology, thanks to UAV in fact, it is possible to do aerial shooting of the promoted structure with a high emotional and entertaining impact on the costumers.

The video, compared to other communications media, has the possibility to let the audience get the best experience.

Postproduction and editing are done with professional software.